Training tables for enriching learning environments

Training tables for enriching learning environments

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Folding tables and desks offer flexibility

With our folding table Foldex, you can easily rearrange the room according to your requirements. Start the day with a lecture, rearrange the room for group work and finish the day with an open discussion. The tables have wheels, so you can easily move them to where they need to be to support all the activities that you have planned for the day. Foldex is also foldable - take out the tables you need for the day and leave the rest where they are.

School desks that support inspirational learning

Kinnarps' education desks have been designed specifically for school environments. They come in fun shapes and exciting colours that enable you to create inspirational learning environments. Our training tables are also stable and durable: they are robust in design and are made from materials that can cope with the active, eventful life of a school. A fundamental principle when we design our school desks is that it must be easy to rearrange the furniture in a classroom. You can use the education desks individually or link them together to make different combinations, and some of the desks in the range are also foldable. This gives you flexibility in your learning and you can easily adapt your desks and furniture according to the structure of the lesson or lecture.

If students are to have a calm atmosphere to work in, good acoustics and the minimum of noise in classrooms and schools are essential. Consequently, our training tables have been designed specifically with acoustics in mind. Several of our school desks can also be complemented with smart accessories, such as sound absorbing panels for a harmonious learning environment or wheels for ease of movement. Our training tables combine perfectly with Kinnarps' education chairs and classroom storage units - for an effective, integrated learning environment.