Practical and sustainable wooden shell chair

Nilo is a practical and sustainable wooden shell chair in several versions that form a complete family of chairs. Thanks to its simple shape, it has the flexibility to fit into many different spaces, and is ideal for e.g. dining rooms, cafés and meeting rooms. Nilo is made from renewable FSC® wood, which guarantees responsible forestry with respect to both people and the environment. It is also labelled with Möbelfakta, which ensures that its materials are non-toxic, and that the product complies with the European quality and safety requirements for public environments. This makes Nilo a safe choice. The chair is made of a few parts, all of which you can either recycle, separate or replace - making it a circular and sustainable choice. The back has a natural springiness that counteracts static sitting and increases blood circulation. The contoured seat provides a comfortable seating, as the user’s weight is distributed over a larger area. The seat shell is available in durable laminate, providing durability in especially tough spaces. Nilo is available with handles at the back, which makes it easy to move and support yourself on. The chair is stackable and available with castors, offering flexible environments and space efficient solutions. It can also be hung on tables, which frees up floor space and facilitates cleaning.